Advantages of Virtual Staging Service

Virtual Staging Service in Real Estate

Virtual Staging Service is recommended when selling a vacant property. It comes in handy when a property is showcased online. Traditional home staging requires shifting of furniture and other home decors. It’s pricey and includes labor charges and the risk of damage to the property.

On the other hand, virtual staging Service is a cost-effective solution where software is used to design, recreate, and customize household items. All it requires is an HD photo of the property along with accurate measurements of the home.

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Benefits of Virtual Staging in Real Estate Sectors

Acts as a creative visualization and lead generation tool

One of the standout benefits touted by Virtual staging is Visualization. It’s an effective way to display the property and gives the homebuyers to see the possibilities their future home has. There is no limit to the type of design and photos that the companies can stage. There is no doubt that virtual staging as a creative visualization tool helps in closing the deals. Space isn’t capable of convincing or conveying a message to the homebuyer. With the help of  staging, it’s possible to transform the vacant space into a welcoming & warm place, furnished digitally according to the client’s preference. Real estate agencies with commercial properties can exploit the benefits linked with virtual staging.

Saves you thousands of dollars

Traditional staging or staging using actual props can cost you 1000 to 5000 dollars per unit, and the amount can increase exponentially. A virtually staged display will cost you around 100 to 400 dollars. The amount you pay for 3D virtual staging is a fraction of the total expenses of decorating a room with accessories. It requires you to provide the photos of vacant photos & pay a one-time fee to a virtual staging company. You can choose designs or decorative details from a digital library that the company has.

Taps the target audience

A prominent benefit linked with staging is that it enables you to reach the target audiences easily. With virtual staging, you can customize the property’s look and feel according to the realtor or client demographic. For instance, if you’re targeting the millennial, you’ll need to make it look modern. That’s where virtual or 3D staging comes in handy.

3 D staging enables you to decorate the room or stage the property with accessories you or your clients are looking for.

Saves your time and effort

Virtual staging Service is useful and time-saving. It’s easy to stage images virtually and upload them on the internet instead of organizing meetings with interior decorators, making decisions, and shifting the furniture to a new property.

3D staging takes 10 to 24 hours to complete once the client places an order. On the contrary, the traditional stage takes 14 days or more. Virtual or 3D staging drastically reduces the time that a client takes visiting the place personally. It enables realtors to expand their customer base and business internationally. Remote customers can feel their presence in a virtually staged estate. Virtual staging makes it easier for them to place orders.

Researchers express that over 35% of clients bid on homes without visiting them face to face. You can change the appearance of the entire unit easily. In a few hours, you can make the whole unit look impressive and eye-catching.

Social media marketing and online promotion

In the digital world that we are a part of, almost everything is somehow or the other connected to the internet. We buy products and sell items online, and the internet acts as the source of information.

Online marketing facilitated the workflow. Virtual staging enables the customers to visualize the property even before they visit the place in person.

Currently, the National Association of Realtors reported that “90% of potential home buyers search online while buying their homes.”  Staging Virtual is a robust tool to promote staged home images on real estate listings and social media to grab homebuyer attention. As virtually staged photos are self-explanatory, individuals can presume the outcome of the project.

Declutter space and decorate it on your own

Virtual staging or 3D staging makes it possible to redecorate every room of the house or apartment. It offers you the freedom to revamp and redecorate the places as per your preferences. You can use your existing furnishings and redesign them in a way to attract more customers.

Virtual decluttering and staging can change the appearance of the home. It increases the demand and chances for a faster deal and at a higher cost. Creating a neutral palette increases the number of buyers keen on buying the property.

Why should you go for Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging offers you limitless options to declutter and redecorate property. It’s a cost-effect solution. So if budget is a concern, you can option for staging. Unlike traditional enclosure that is time-consuming and includes labor charges, virtual staging saves you a significant amount of money.

It lets you reach target audiences and aids in selling a property faster and at higher costs. In the digital world where we live, staging virtual  offers opportunities and benefits that traditional frame doesn’t.

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