Do Not Miss The Latest Real Estate Photography Trends?

When people are looking to buy anything on an online website, they rely on authentic images same applies to real estate photos. The images of the facades and the interior are not enough to make the property stand out. So, one must be aware of the latest trend in real estate photography.

Mobile Friendly Images

In this digital world, everyone is addicted to or spending a good amount of time on mobile. Similarly, when one must look for the property, they use the phone to search for it online. So, one must have high-quality images which work on the web and still look impressive. So, one has to ensure that images work perfectly on the web and are mobile-friendly.

The question is how to make the image mobile ready? As regular images are often large and do not fit perfectly on mobile screens. This can make the user scroll up and down to see the complete image and when the image is so heavy it makes the page unresponsive and might be blurry if not loaded properly. So, one must hire real estate photo editing services doing optimization for mobile and attract the potential customer and these images are lightweight and easy to load.

Aerial Real Estate Photography

Having front and back shots of the house gives you a glimpse of the architecture, but with ground-level images, it becomes a little difficult to get a sense of the overall property structure. It is recommended to get property clicked from every angle possible in this you require professional real estate photography services which can also cover the aerial shots which cover the entire property from all angles. As we have the latest technology like drone cameras, these shots can be done easily, and these shots are perfect to get anyone’s attention.

Virtual Tours

When you are looking on an online website you rely on the images to take you to the property for a tour of inside the property. The two-dimensional photos usually did not give you flexibility. So, it is great to create a 3D virtual tour that helps you to see how the property feels. These can be done with help of real estate image editing services as they give you clarity on how the property feels when you live in it. These give you the flexibility to click and walk in different regions.

Virtual Staging

When we talk about virtual staging it is to give a potential buyer perception of the property which cannot be realized from the vacant property. When it is done by professionals you can make any property more appealing than the vacant property.

Some companies’ stage property with furniture, It is time-consuming but there is a way to do this called virtual staging after you clicked the image which can be done by real estate image editing as it eliminates the need for physically arranging or renting furniture.


Real estate photography is not just clicking the picture, one has to click the right angle for which the skill of photography is just not enough with the growth in technology and evolving trends and editing technology. So one has to ensure that he invests properly before earning back which can be done by hiring a company that knows about editing and photography by heart and has experience in this kind of industry. So, the answer for all these “Propicsolutions” is who knows all about these technologies and deals with editing on regular basis.

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