How to Restore Water Damaged Photos

When you are in the photo restoration industry there are different kinds of problems you face one of the common problems you face is water damage. Water damage does not have only one pattern there are a different pattern you see on the pictures are like having blotches & mold forms.

photo restoration

Let us See what causes water damage to photographs.

There are lots of reason which can cause water damage like leakage in home, Spillage of water or can be natural disasters like floods. Many Digital prints have capability to withstand some amount of water damage but over a time frame they will pierce the emulsion of photo. This do not only cause the damage but also make the surface in tacky form which causes water damage to stick frequently.

In today’s world with modern housing facilities and our lifestyle have bring excess moisture in the air. Things like wet washing, Central heating and cooking all create a humid, Moist environment which lead to water damage. Photographs which are close to washroom and kitchen have high probability or at high risk you can check as they get stuck to glass of frames where they are displayed.

Ways to Dry out wet photos.

Just imagine you open your old box where you have kept photos, but you found them wet for any reason, we suggest you take expert opinion from a professional. You may find lots of advice on various searching websites like soaking the photos into water to make it easy to separate but with different ages of the photographs may result in different aspects and methods to sort out the best from worst.
In some of the condition where only one or two photographs which do not require cleaning some things are available which can be done to protect them from further damage. Damp photos or images with mold grows can be saved by drying them immediately.

Some of the steps which can be taken care in such cases.

  • If your photos are stuck together never force them apart has it will cause more harm, then good as it can cause irreversible damage.
  • Just like a wet ink which should not be touch similarly a wet photograph it should be taken care by use of gloves or been lifted from edges.
  • To dry out the photograph easy method which can be done at home is putting the photograph face down on a plain towel and change it frequently after a time interval preferred every two hours.
  • Keep the drying photograph in a ventilated room with the fan but not direct air.

Can water-damaged photos be repaired?

Yes, they can be water damage photos can be revived from water spots, tell-tales signs. Understanding the damage of every photo is Important as everyone does not have the same kind of damage. Sadly, there is a lot of damage which are irreversible if they are handled incorrectly. Soaking some of the photos or ripping them apart can destroy or ruin them.

How to Repair Water damage Photos

If you want to rescue your photograph from permanent damage or want to keep it the alive first step is to take it out of water or soaking area where it got exposed to moisture or water directly or indirectly in nature. Then just dry them out but not with direct air as it will let the color flow out of the area, there is one way where you can avoid the mold formation on the photographs by putting it into the frost-free freezers for a long duration of time.

If you want to experiment at home here are some of the things which will be required by you: –

  • Latex gloves/Nitrile and respiratory mask prefer N95 (Done for flood-damaged ones)
  • A space which is clean and dry in nature to save it from any further exposure to moisture.
  • Twins, small plastic clothespin, or tacks for lifting it.
  • Wax papers, unprinted newsprint, paper towels, wax paper or any other material which is absorbent in nature to dry out the photographs.

Summary: – just like a disease every water damage is repairable or reversible in nature but understanding and giving it a right medicine or say right procedure or technique can be done by an expert or profession like in medical field doctors are there similarly Propic solution is your expert in terms of photo editing, repairing from any kind of water damage. Understanding the problem is always and basic step to solve it because if you do not know what the actual problem is you cannot tackle the solution or find the optimum solution for it. Propic solution are the expert service provider or lets put in simple word solution provider which always help you to keep your memories save buy helping you to restore it in actual state .

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