Why Should We Consider Manual Real Estate Photo Editing Instead of Automation?

Photo editing is become an integral part of the today marketing world either it be an ecommerce website or a real estate agency. So, a question about getting photo editing is clear we need it but there is still one question which always comes up with photo editing is to get the job done by manual photo editing or automated photo editing before going into detail lets understand what manual and automated photo editing is.

Automated photo editing: –

As it suggests it is an automated job done by automated software which have fixed number of commands for every pic. They have its advantage as these are quick and many images can be done in proper executed manner.

Real Estate Photo Editing

Manual photo Editing: –

As they name suggest it is manual job so yes, it is slower than the automated version, but it has its own advantage as the person working on it can execute what you desire you can ask him what you desire, and he can work properly judging every photo differently.

 Talking about which is better they both are placed appropriately in their shoes but let us talk about some of advantages of manual photo editing.

Build in Quality.

Automation provide comfort of getting the work done in defined time limit but there will also be some of quality laps. While Manual photo editing is done by human looking at the picture differently which bring out the beauty by hand and eye coordination of brain. Human can relate to the picture which will give what is best out of the picture while automation will run its fix set of commands without realizing how different a picture is from another one.

Attention to details.

Humans are fascinating creature who are critical thinkers are oriented towards detail which give advantage in any industry specially in real estate photo editing as mostly applied when we are doing the photo retouching activity. Automated cannot see the faintest of issues of the which can be missed but when one person is doing the job even, he missed he can recheck and do the job again. The thing where automated photo editing is the fix number of commands unless it is attached to the artificial intelligence software’s.

Reworking on an image become easier with manual photo editing.

If some errors were done in automated photo editing, there will be layer of errors over one another then finding exact concern will be become hard but in case of manual photo editing you can easily retrace your steps and re do the activity before any major impact have been done. But if you are not able to find the exact fold human mind is built like that, he can find a way around the mistake to bring a masterpiece.

Automated photo editing does not feal real.

Understanding automated editing is like robot executing the command without having its own perspective towards the image on which he is working on while when one designer is working on the job, he has a perspective of the output which he wants from the work he is going to do on the image which allows him to reach the perfect look. Moreover, if any error happens those can easily be edited or correct at that instant by the designer or the photo editor working on that job.

Advantage with manual photo editing is that they do not have any limitation.

There are quite a few limitations for any job which is done by the automated tools of editing lets talk about some of examples as they are not able to detect font size of the product, color used into the image and the gesture the image has. It is not possible by the automated photo editors to test the interface and experience by the eyes of the user.  Such changes can only be detected or corrected if the work is done by personal in other terms work done by manual photo editing services which only give straight answer that all images can not be edited by automated software. With automated software the image will be completed when the fixed commands are executed and completed but manual editor will complete when every aspect of editing is completed.

Conclusion: –

Photo editing is an integral part of you the job and real estate is a business which need best of photo for property to attract the buyers for a property and the challenge an industry is facing that not all photos have same amount of editing is required so the automation can work on small scale but to have best kind of editing one must do it with help of manual photo editing. And the job is always best if it is done by experts for which you can contact our company “Propic Solutions” expert in providing the solution on every kind of photo editing requirement laid in front of by the client.

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