5 Great Tips For Mind Blowing Aerial Photography

What is Aerial Photography?

Aerial Photography is Looking at View, real estate property or a monument from the eyes of a bird. So aerial photography is taking a picture from a flying object like aircrafts, helicopters, blimps, rocket, or drones. Aerial photography is different from air-to-air photography meaning clicking one or another plane or flying objects.

Aerial Photography

Why Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography gives a added advantage in showing the wide range of place like in real estate case not just front with help of aerial photography you can show the top view with the locality where it can be shown the attraction nearby parks and with real estate photo editing service in India you can even edit some disturbance which was not required at your image.

Tips for Aerial Photography?

  • Choosing a right camera

For any kind work you required the correct equipment same is followed in the case of photography but with aerial photography there is special requirement that is camera having high ISO range which help in clicking the picture while maintaining low noise with best of Quality.

  • Choosing the Aircraft wisely

For aerial photo you need to be in air for that you require a good aircraft with pilot which can help you getting a correct angle. Clicking an Image from behind the tinted windows of plane can bring unnecessary blurriness to a picture which can be removed by aerial photo editing services. But to avoid going such a ruckus you can choose a helicopter which can provide you stability and doors can be removed and strap so you can click picture without any door between you without fear of security.

  • A way to go is with telephoto zoom lens.

A wide-angle camera lens gives a capture range which is good at a landscape but when you are in air and you want to capture a particular real estate property or monument than the best way is to have a telephoto zoom lens to capture what you can show instead of a wide landscape.

  • Drones

Drones for aerial photography are easy and pocket friendly solution for clicking aerial photography as you do not require a waiting time for a pilot or wait for clearance of flight not just a pocket friendly but having a drone means you can click any time from going as close to the ground to couple of hundred. Getting Composition right with drone become easy as you can keep it stable at one position for longer duration time.

  • Fast Shutter speed

It seems obvious but having a camera with high shutter speed is also important to get a perfect picture as in shooting at low light not only light, but the vibrations of aircraft can also be factor. So, to avoid those factors making your image blurry use any tool best to make shutter speed fast is good.

  • Optical setting

Finding the right optical setting is as good for any photographer as you are in air the time is moving light get low so finding the correct setting is always an advantage to get the perfect click.

Benefits of Aerial Photography?

  • Help to Market the property

Getting the wide-angle photo of your property as it can help in extreme clarity in communication of property boundaries with location of you real estate with proximity to nearest basic need requirement and travel needs.

  • Special events

Aerial Photography gives a great advantage in covering special events of your life like weddings reception, fair but its great to cover outdoor sporting events like F1 races, marathons where you can cover a wide angle of the track.

  • Showing progress of project development

With the aerial photographical views, it gives an advantage to keep a track of any construction project as every week you can analyze the progress and pace how it is going and when it will be get completed.

  • Increase tourist attraction.

Aerial photography can help in getting your resort or business an advantage in making it more of tourist attraction by standing out from competition in not just showing front view back view but also top view which helps them to see over all area with aerial photography to aerial video which helps the person to go all through in just span.

Summary: –

Aerial photography is next step to stand out as aerial photography leaves an impact on whoever sees it. If you want to stand out of crowd with amazing, good quality aerial imagery then Propic solution is a place to contact with our Aerial Photo editing services, you can edit the low light impact or give a final touch in a way that it shares the story you want to communicate through the photograph.

In addition, if you are going for aerial photography you should understand the language of camera and what is required with best configuration, shutter speed and light setting of the camera with proper aerial editing service which is required to get the desired output every small tip is important in considering the clicking of aerial photographs.

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