AI powered Photo Editing or Manual Photo Editing: which one is worth it?

What’s Manual editing?

Manual Photo editing is a methodology in which various kind of photo editing tools and software’s are used to create an outstanding image which brings out the desired result from the available pictures. Photo editing services is on growth with technically developed digital platform for photographs or images and digital marketing required images which catches your attention with blink of an eye of a person while scrolling down.

AI base and manual base Photo editing

AI base photo editing and manual base photo editing comparison

AI stands for artificial intelligence which is wonder all around the globe developed by human mind to reshape the activities of day-to-day life in which one of the activities is Photography and one activity we all do is editing now AI is also entered the same market.

AI-Based Photo Editing services

With the advancements of technologies, we have got many photo Editing tools & software’s.  These Software’s use lots of algorithms based on neural networks, Machine learning which edit the images in just a short span no matter what the requirement from object/background removal is, color corrections as these executes on the lightning speed. These photo editors execute all necessary Photo editing services in matter of seconds effortlessly.

Manual Photo Editing

Manual editing uses variety of tools to create a shoddy image into perfection. Manual photo editing is time consuming, but it ensures that your image is of better quality as it provides the room for edit as per your preference. Manual editing let you to keep on tinker with the image till you have met your desired Output.

Difference between Ai and automation 

 It is important to understand Automation and Ai technology which operate differently. Artificial intelligence is technological machine which mimics human mind by analyzing the experience data, being reasonable, Self-correct himself to make human like decisions.

Automation is a preset of data or paths which are fed into system which performs specific tasks on execution. Today all the companies, Departments works on the Automation to complete the repetition of tasks by use of machines.

Major difference between AI and Automation one works on machine learning and other works on pre-set parameters, respectively.

Advantages of Ai photo editing

There is plenty of advantages of AI in photo editing which is of no doubt. AI tools can perform any kind of editing which being simple in nature to being the complex one.

Manage Batches of Photo Editing

Imagine there is a launch of a new product, Or the latest collection of clothes in which you must deal with considerable number of images which required to be edited while working on a short timeline. That is the place where AI-Powered Photo editing plays an important role as they come handy and productive if the photo Editing consists of simple tasks like background removal, Light correction & Photo resizing.


If you compare the cost of editing services conducted by manual edit and AI-Powered Edits as it is pocket friendly as you will not be spending big bucks for edits.

Optimum for Simple Edits

Artificial intelligence Control tools bring output as pe the perception, Compatible for simple sort of edits. AI-Driven tools can be used to conduct simple edits like background removal, Light correction & Photo resizing which will be handy and productive.

Why to go for Manual editing instead of AI-Powered editing?

If we want to explain this it will be summarized in one line that machine editing is due to imperfections which are triggered by machines. Imperfection gets visible if we go for complex type of editing. If you go for the images edited by machine you must content to the output which is delivered by machine while in manual you can convert the output as per your desired result. If image which is edited by AI powered tool you might miss some of the details while manually you can focus on every small and sharp details of the product which you want to highlight and complete every small details of product.

Summary: –

Artificial intelligence is technology which is booming in nature which is leaving a mark in all the sectors being medical to photo editing to photography. This technology is no doubt developed for our help and will keep on developing/advancing and improving in future aspects and play a prominent role in editing services all over the globe. Still today you want to go for simple edits it is a helpful but if you want to get the desired output as per your requirements and recommendations a manual photo editor can be helpful in what you desired. Propic Solutions is a place which provides you manual editing services which brings out every details of product as per the desired recommendation with every sharpness and gives an impact of product in just one visual click.

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