An Overview of Evolution of Image Editing Service

What is Photo Editing/Image Editing?

Image editing or photo editing can be simply be defined as altering the current state of photograph to enhance its overall quality according to different parameters. Editing is not limited to today’s digital photographs it has been done on traditional photo chemical ones too.

Brief of Development History

Photo editing date back to 1860 few decades after the development of Photograph by Great Niepce in 1814. The first work of photo editing was done for late President Abraham Lincoln while there was no digital technology at that time it was done by the help of brushes, ink, or hand pasting photos over one another. Catching the original and edited pic by naked eyes is not an easy job.

With 1910 the editing is bringing smile on faces of people by rejoining the family in one frame whiles them not being on one frame.

World First Photo Editing

Amazing Photographs and Images from past

I know it is hard to process that editing is dated so back so we dig in history to bring back many amazing, breathtaking and interesting work of past which shows that editing happen with such precision that you don’t realize. Do not trust me go through the names and see them.

  1. The Ghost of Lincoln
  2. Double Exposure of the Past
  3. Fingers of Fate – the Tightening Grip
  4. Pump
  5. A woman in champagne glass
  6. An Airship Moored at Empire State Building, New York
  7. A Man on a Roof with 11 Men on His Shoulders
  8. Dream No. 1: Home Electrical Appliances
  9. Me+ The cat
  10. Jerry N. Uelsmann, 1976

How things have changed development of new software

With the development of technology, the editing has come a long way by development software like Adobe photoshop, Gimp, Pixlr , Corel Paint shop pro, Serif photo plus and many more available and coming in near future. Have revolutionized the technique by reducing the editing time giving your Quantity and Quality in Short span of time.

Photo editing compiles of many elements like

  1. Noise reduction: -It is a technique to reduce the unwanted noise in Image smoothing it out
  2. White balance: – to Balance out the color present in image
  3. Exposure: – Brightness of the image
  4. Resizing and cropping: – Dimensional modification of image
  5. Background Removal: – Delete the background of image or isolating the specific thing

Many more the technology given you a way to do what you can imagine on your images.  Its not technology hampering your images it is your imagination.

This software is tools which can be used to manipulate or enhance the required output from an image. As the photos are not just a memory in today’s world there have been increasing number of requirements from spanning our webpages, social media with display ads or catalogs, posters.

Why it is required

Photo editing is not just requirement it is being necessity as it is human nature to attract towards beauty. Before launching a product there is always are trailer or a poster which attracts and creates a mindset to look for what must come. By increasing the trend of ecommerce shopping increased it indicate that person has to be a product from just a image without feeling it in hand or by seeing it there indicates how much important an image has become. Imagine you have wedding shoot and due to some one photo bomb it will look cool once, but you do not want to keep a photo where image editing comes. Posters billboards with stars face where the attraction it at best.

Benefits of Image Editing

With increase in image sharing social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Photos have become Universal marketing method to attract to visual cues better if you are in food, travel, ecommerce, or Hotel industry professionally edited photos are on top priority.

  1. Helps in building brand – industry create a image by editing images on particular style of Color saturation to Specific pattern creating the self-brand
  2. Better sales – Photo editing brings the best out of image & No industry wants a mediocre image to represent their brand.
  3. Credibility Build Up- People love to see the actual pictures of things on website than stock images or downloaded ones. So, photo editing brings best out of what to help even a small space looks spacious without misleading someone
  4. Build Social media attraction – With the image sharing platform the brands have come closure to the consumer so before uploading an image editing it with a phrase through word art  or color saturation bring  you close to consumer and increase attraction.
  5. Taking Full out of Image- Imagine you can use one image to different aspect by changing the background from one place to another give you advantage of getting best out of everything.

Summary: –

In today’s Digital media world everybody wants to stand out image editing is key and pathway to stand out from ordinary to extra ordinary. It is Part of history and will rank future the one who adapts is one who succeeds .

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